Thoughtful Housewarming Gifts


With Britain leading the way in the economic recovery, Interior Design expert Toks Aruoture hunts for the latest housewarming gifts which will not hurt your pocket!

I went in search of more exciting and appreciative gifts, a bit more than the perfunctory bottle of wine. Okay, I admit, the wine’s always welcome but nothing beats a ‘congratulations on your new home’ more than a gift that turns the house into a home.

Gift the House

My introduction to Soy candles occurred years ago when I lived in the United States. Prior to that, my choice in candles could only be likened to the genetic theory of random selection. I’d select the candle that had the catchiest yet confusing name like ‘Citrus Cucumber’; which will of course conjure up images of a small cucumber bathing in a jar of freshly-squeezed lemon juice.


Arugula by Archipelago, £24.95

If your imagination was nearly as active as mine, a cucumber wrapped up in lemon peel would be evoked instead. Lighting the candle was a ritual which began with crossing two fingers behind your back in the hope that at least one, if not both scents will be perceived albeit mildly.

Later, I stumbled upon the aptly named Housewarmers by Yankee candles who produce such delectable fragrances like Coconut Cookie Bar which very quickly turned your house into a home.

When I discovered there was such a thing as soy candles, specifically the one manufactured by Archipelago, my interest was piqued. Soy candles are made from processed soybean oil. Unlike traditional candles, perfume isn’t used, rather essential oils are used in Archipelago’s range of candles. So you get the benefit of a luxuriously fragranced home, while awakening or rejuvenating your senses. In a nutshell, your host will simply adore you for this gift. Archipelago is available in Selfridges.

Another absolute must-have in the world of diffusers is The White Company’s Seychelles. This fragrance is so well loved that the wonderful folks at The White Company very kindly extended the fragrance to toiletries. The four seasons mini diffuser set has an aroma for each season, making it the ultimate year-round gift.


Four Seasons Mini Diffuser Collection, £30


Cortez fire bowl, £49.99

Gift the Garden

I came across this fire bowl from Primrose Garden Centre. You will be forgiven for purchasing it as a gift, and then changing your mind and keeping it for yourself. I love the timeless Mexican detailing and the warmth it exudes even without the fire. The best part is the low cost of running it, any solid fuel will do, no gas connections required. It works for the contemporary or traditional garden, so you can be certain your host will very much appreciate it.

Gift the Kitchen

You know those homeware pieces that go beyond simply doing their job? The copper bowl from Cox & Cox is One of them, busy doing two jobs at once. It’s a fruit bowl and a decorative piece too. Even if left empty, this beauty will glamourize the table it sits on. Definitely a gift worth giving.


White and Copper Bowl, £35


Mawes Planter, Homebase £12.99

Gift the Living Room

One of the keys to successful home gift giving is to stay neutral, unless you are absolutely certain of your host’s taste and style. This Silver Planter from Homebase will feel at home in any style house.

of Leaves of Love Cushion, £14.99

Leaves of Love Cushion, £14.99

Gift the Bedroom

You don’t want to get too personal but if you must, picture frames never go out of use. However, I found and couldn’t resist sharing, this unique personalised cushion from The Gift Experience.

Would you agree you can’t go wrong with this?



new-home-cardDon’t forget your ‘Happy New Home’ Card- this cute one is from Paperchase.

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