Sex Education for 5 year olds

It was highlighted in the press from The Huffington Post, to The Mail, to The Telegraph.  It was a main feature on television, Sky News, BBC, ITV, you just couldn’t miss it. Whether in favour or not, it was a news item that lead to radio debates and was also talked about in the supermarkets and on the train.

5 yr olds having sex education classes in school … 5 years old!

Am I being old fashioned?

Should five year old boys and girls not be playing with their toys and learning to read their phonics? Is this not the stage of learning the mechanics of speech and communication that a five year old can handle?

Surely if not taught with sensitivity this could be an extremely confusing time for a child. Up to the age of five, children create friends out of tv and film characters they watch whether they be in ‘The Night Garden’, or ‘Frozen’! To take these characters to another level and expose a child so young to their sexuality removes innocence and forces children to grow up to quickly. Sex is already too “out there” and easily available online and social media like YouTube.

Keeping the act undercover from a child is equally challenging, as has been the case in some all girl Catholic schools where the school girl pregnancy rate is quite high, (read the article in the Daily Mail 18/02/15 ) but exposing a child too soon to porn, gay, lesbian or even heterosexual sex is definitely a challenge.

A woman with a pushchair walking her son home from schoolCan you imagine the lesson …….SpongeBob Square Pants vs Sex? Teaching children about oral sex when they can just about handle eating greens!!!!!

This is once again, another barrier being put up to divide and widen the gap between parent and child.

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Angie x