Starting School

Girl In School Uniform Doing Homework In Kitchen

All children will find starting school something of a shock, no matter how you have prepared them for it. It is a huge step for them to take. It is best to remain as calm and as normal as you possibly can as they will pick up on your own natural apprehensions as well!

Try not to build up the experience too much or your child may become over excited. It is best to talk to them about what might possibly happen in a calm matter-of-fact way. Be sure to answer any questions they may have but at this stage their imagination will be limited, so try to keep your answers light and simple.

After the first day your child may experience anxiety, this may be expressed in seemingly unrelated ways such as, bed-wetting, clinginess or reverting back to the safety of pre-school days with babyish behaviour such as thumb sucking. Try not to overreact to this behaviour, it won’t last long. If you are calm your child will be too. Try gentle reassurance; remember how difficult this transition is for them. If you can, set some time aside for them when they return from school. Talk to them and then play a game of their choosing.

Children have short memories and live in the ‘present’, they may not want to tell you about what they have done at school that day, they may not even remember! Don’t push them into answering your questions, they are home now and need to switch off just as you do after a day at work.

If you feel your child may be being bullied at this age it is best to have a quiet word with the class teacher. Try not to discuss it too much in front of your child as this may blow things up out of all proportion.

If your child is being teased try to reassure them that the teasing will stop in time if they don’t react to it. Try not to get angry in front of them or they will feel that it is more important than it actually is.

What we are doing at home and at school is helping our children learn to control their emotions and actions so that they can become an acceptable member of society and live a happy sociable life.



Julia Helsby has been teaching children one way or another for over 20 years. As well as having as much fun with her own children, she has worked as a teaching assistant and a personal tutor for 8 years. Julia has written her own book on parenting skills. To download it FREE visit the link below. []

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