Stylish Home Libraries


In celebration of Feeling Fab’s Book Club launch, we share some inspiring ideas towards creating a library at home. Children that are surrounded by books grow to love them and no home is complete without a library. Libraries are more than a just a space that is dedicated to reading, they have a soul and their function is to inspire and encourage minds to thrive.

Your library does not have to be a dedicated room in the house, it can simply be a bookshelf with a comfortable chair or beanbag to encourage those who pass by to sit down and read. A good mix of books from classics to modern, as well as books for various reading levels should be present in your library. The style and position in the house will go some way towards encouraging your family to read and you don’t need to compromise your design style to make it child-friendly.


Credit: Zodiac Design

Draw Inspiration from a Cafe

Cafe bookstores are a stimulating blend of coffee, culture and literature and are intrinsic to most cosmopolitan cities including London. Draw inspiration for your home library from your favourite cafe or restaurant. This library looks like it had it’s first thoughts in a cafe, it is relaxing and easily accessible too. You can easily achieve this look by dedicating an area in your dining room to books. Choose a dark contrast colour for the shelving for a similar effect and add some decorative elements like picture frames to the shelves.

Credit: Architect: Don Welch/ Photo: Susan Teare

Let the Light in

Good lighting is essential for reading. The position of this library has been well thought out as it is placed right next to the window to allow floods of light in. Where possible, choose a spot in your home that allows in the most light. It will encourage the younger family members to use the library. Compare that to a dark and foreboding space which will have just the opposite effect, typical of grown-up libraries.


Credit: Mia Karlsson Interior Design


Credit: Fine House Studio

Add poetry

A wall of inspiration is a great way to stimulate your child’s mind. Quotes from favourite books, book titles or even names of family members going back several generations create an atmosphere that stirs up and inspires children. I love this example where the names of famous poets & authors have added their stamp to this beautiful space. The same effect can be achieved using a passage from a novel, poems or favourite book titles.

Keep it playful

Family libraries should have an element of playfulness to it so as to encourage the younger members to view it as their space too. The bright red ladder against the light background does a good job of this and you can create the same effect using brightly coloured children’s furniture. Why not add a large houseplant in a brightly coloured pot for extra burst of energy

A family library should sport an eclectic mix of genres to meet and pique the interests of the household. Also make available books for various reading levels so that reading is not viewed as an activity merely for certain age groups. Their books should be on the lowest shelves so it is within easy reach.

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