Black jeans are a staple in most people’s wardrobes, as they offer all the comfort a pair of denim jeans can provide but can also be worked into more formal situations than blue jeans can.

However, if you’ve run out of ideas on what to pair your ‘noire’ denim with, here are five great ways to style them up:

1. For the office
Long hours mean you want to feel comfortable while stuck at your desk for most of the day – and after that hefty baguette you devoured at lunch – so here’s where black jeans come into play. They’ve become an acceptable part of the office wear code now and when worn with a smart blazer and a short sleeved blouse with heels, no one will question you.

2. For when you don’t want to make much effort
Just popping to town on a Saturday or heading to a lecture in the afternoon? Then you want to achieve that perfect casual with minimum effort look, right? Here’s where baggy, black jeans come into play and if you really want to capture that ‘laid back, I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes’ look then pick up some men’s jeans from Superdry. Pair these with a fitted t-shirt, a zip up hoodie, minimal make up and a cute beanie hat, then dash out!

3. For that special occasion
Yep, black jeans are great for parties on Saturday nights or first dinners with your new boyfriend’s family. Wear yours with a cute sheer blouse and a lacy bralet with a fur gilet for the party but swap out the sheer for a high neck jumper for the family meal. Heeled boots should finish off both looks, as well as a strong smoky eye.

4. For when you just want to wear all black
It’s a staple colour in most wardrobes, it’s flattering, easy to wear and goes with everything so why shouldn’t you pair your black jeans with all black everything else? A fitted black t-shirt, black leather jacket and some black ankle boots always look great together. You can dress it up with jewellery if you like, but sometimes accessories just aren’t needed.

black jeans

5. For when you want to go a bit grunge
90s Grunge makes a comeback every year it seems, so embrace this concept with an outfit styled around your black jeans. Pick up a ripped pair – or distress them yourself – and work these with a loose fitting band tee, a plaid shirt tied round your waist and your hair worn loose and messy. Finish off with some well worn Converse or Vans and you’re there!

Black jeans are so versatile you really can wear them with just about anything. Try one of these looks and they should become your new favourite pair of jeans!