Tessy’s Brunches

Tessy Ojo is not only the CEO of the Princess Diana Award, she is also a colleague and the Founder of Tessy’s Brunches. 

I can remember her asking me to be involved and I had initially answered with a hard “NO”.  I was recently separated from my husband and felt I had nothing to offer to such an initiative.  

After the launch, however, I noticed a connection and thread running through the room; we are ALL in need of uplifting support.   

October’s Brunch was based around Black History Month and Breast Cancer Awareness and was named “She Rises”.  Speakers included Designer Kelly Hoppen and Entertainer Brenda Edwards.

Kelly shared her putting off getting mammograms and how the appointment she eventually honoured was the one that showed up some pre-cancerous cells.  Talk about timing.  Brenda Edwards was very open about the loss of her parents at the age of 4 followed by a number of health issues one of which has been breast cancer.   And yet both these women RISE.  

It’s in settings of this nature that “permission” is given to feel free and open, to share and be vulnerable and to remember that there is power in vulnerability.   

Where Tessy’s Brunches is concerned I’ve done a complete 180 and look forward to the event every quarter, it’s now a regular appointment in my diary.  

Look out for the TB Retreat in 2024 where I will be launching my ReWire Journal. You can join me at a future Tessy’s Brunches event by booking on their website.