Motherhood and the importance of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

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Parenting blogger Bianca Waithe on the emotional pleasures of being a mum.

Bianca Waithe Blog

With all that’s going on in the world and all the sad news that we hear, it takes something as simple as meeting up with a bunch of friends to make you realise the importance of appreciating the simple things in life.

Motherhood is a joy and it’s highlighted even more when you have a good bunch of Mummy Mates’ by your side. When you’re enduring a ‘Mum Fail’ day that you simply can’t pull yourself out of. A call from, or even to, a good friend is just enough to help you pick yourself up again, shake yourself off and reach for your ‘Mum-prehero’ cape.

Today the girls and I, arranged a ‘Luncheon’, we all brought a dish, fired up the BBQ, brought the table outside and let the little ones enjoy the sunshine. It was fab! No agenda, no boundaries, no topic, just good old chit chat. The kind that was open, honest and outright hilarious.

As we sat and chomped and drank and giggled together, it got me thinking…
The best things in life really do happen when you’re a mummy.

Now being Miss Career Girl, I never thought I would ever say that! But I’m not talking about material pleasures. I’m talking about emotional pleasure.

The kind that allows you to let others in, the kind that allows you to be free and the kind that knocks embarrassment on the head when your child is acting up. The kind that allows you to openly relate and respond to another mum’s breakdown and help her through it with your testimony from you trial. The kind that allows you to look at your children and be proud of the fact that they are yours. The kind that makes you grateful for being able to take time out, and spend quality time watering your own emotional garden, through time well spent with friends.

Sometimes, the spoken word can have a multitude of meanings and deliver a series of emotions and sometimes, the spoken word can be played with, to create something quite wonderful. After such an enriching day, I was left with this little reminder of what friendship really means when you’re a mum. I’m sharing it with you, in the hope that you can be blessed by it in the same way I was.

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Remember, when you are a mum, no matter how well seasoned you are on your journey of motherhood, or how many years’ experience you have, or how many little blessings you are responsible for, every day is a trial and error.

But, when you have a good friend by your side you will always have a testimony from your trial, to not only share, but also to support and, most importantly of all, to make you realise just how fabulous you really are.

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