Dating During Corona

I’ve been thinking and talking a lot about dating lately. Mostly, because of the amazing work I’ve been doing with Bumble. Also because I absolutely LOVE what I’m hearing and seeing about dating from “women of a certain age”. We’re taking more risks with online dating apps because during lockdown that’s the only way you could connect with other singles!

I’ve heard stories about couples being romantic in different ways; virtual candlelight dinners and hours of talking on camera. Taking time to really get to know each other before taking the chance to meet.

And I’m still pretty blown away by how the dating game is changing and how different it is to begin a relationship during a pandemic!

As always, art reflects life and there are songs and shows about finding love in lockdown. Love In The Time Of Corona is a four-part drama that follows different people searching for love during quarantine.

When the small screen starts imitating real life you know it’s on the real.

Loneliness has been a huge consequence of Covid-19. Even now, some parts of our country are going back on lockdown. So it feels like we’re heading back to more virtual interaction. Video calls and phone calls with family and friends can make you feel closer and relieve loneliness but what about finding that someone special?

Why not try a dating app?

You obviously know I’m going to talk about Bumble here, but there are plenty more dating apps to choose from if you’re looking for love in the time of Corona.

Bumble is where the woman makes the first move. Since the woman initiates, it decreases the amount of distressing messages (or images) that can happen on other sites.

Another lovely feature of Bumble is that it’s also geared towards friendships. Especially in these times, it’s hard to find connections. Real friendships are just as precious as a love match!

For reasons like these, Bumble is increasingly becoming more popular with the 45 to 60 demographic.

There is a dating app for almost ANY interest. My Editor and Angie’s Angel Ayshea said there was even one matching you based on astrological signs!

My other Angie’s Angel Abi, said that her friend, who is 50 years old, met a guy on Bumble. Forty minutes into the date he said to her that he was cancelling his membership and was finished with the dating scene as he had met the woman he wanted to marry. They are now engaged to be married 🙂

The Pros of swiping right

The Internet provides a wider selection of men and women with the qualities you’re looking for.

You set the tone, you know everyone is there for the same reason, and you can start dating right away. What’s not to like?

I wouldn’t suggest meeting someone in person too quickly, especially with Covid. But if you’re safe and take precautions you can increase your potential to find a partner, just be careful!

Good things happen to those who actively seek what they’re looking for… just please be safe and take all proper precautions!

Internet dating can be a scary prospect especially the day and age of Corona but it can also be an exciting adventure. Be careful who you decide to meet, don’t do all the work by trying to get to know someone either, let the other person show an interest as well. Talk for a long time before you decide to meet.

Have you ever used a dating app or met anyone online? What do you think about online romance in the time of Covid?

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