The Wealth Dragon Way: The Book Launch

unnamedThis month saw the launch of new book The Wealth Dragon Way, written by British entrepreneurs, self-made millionaires and internationally acclaimed public speakers John Lee and Vincent Wong. The book is described as an essential guide to the psychology of money and how to achieve abundant prosperity.

Setting out to show readers the “why, the when and the how to become infinitely wealthy”, the book promises to revolutionise the way we approach affluence, and brings home the importance of having a positive relationship with money.

It is no secret that many of us struggle in this area, possibly having been brought up with limiting beliefs around money, that it is “the root of all evil” and that we need to “work hard” in order to get by financially. This book challenges these notions, providing invaluable insight, expert guidance and practical advice, sharing tried and tested investment techniques, as well as the authors’ own personal accounts of their journeys from economic hardship to financial freedom. It pledges to inspire the reader to change their attitude to wealth, embrace the principles of success and stop trading time for money.

The release of the book was marked by a glitzy launch in the heart of London, attended by over 100 invited guests, which coincided with Entrepreneurship Week. Drinks and canapés were provided as excerpts from the book were read out on stage.

We at Feeling Fab were excited to not only be invited to the event, but to get the chance to have a chat with author John Lee on the night.

Warm, charismatic and down to earth in person, Lee, 34, told us that he defines infinite wealth as “being happy, having freedom and having time.”

He spoke of his own personal path, starting out by washing dishes in his mum’s Chinese takeaway in the North of England. His family taught him that to succeed in life, he should “go to school in order to get a good job”, something which led him to working in computer animation in London, earning £36,000 a year. Feeling dissatisfied by the rat race and wanting more time to travel, he began educating himself in the area of property; attending seminars, reading books and investing in guidance from mentors. “Property and wealth creation was all totally new to me before this”, Lee admits, before revealing that by the age of 27, he had made his first million.

Soon after he got into teaching his strategies, and together with business-partner and fellow Wealth Dragon author Vincent Wong, began putting on seminars. They now train around 20,000 people a year in areas such as property investment, Forex trading and public speaking.

“I made lots of mistakes, and had a lot of people around me who didn’t believe in me and what I did,” says Lee of the early stages. His advice is to find a decent mentor, and then make sure you’ve got the right people around you, as environment plays a huge role in cultivating success. Habits are also important, as “habits form beliefs and beliefs form certainty and certainty gets you results.”

Lee told us that only last week he was asked back to his former school up North, in order to inspire current pupils. “It’s about teaching them to earn passive income over earned income,” he says. “99% of us are taught this formula: go to school, get a job, work for someone else and make them a lot of money. We never get taught to take your passion, build a business around it, and live a fulfilled life. I want this stuff to be taught in schools. When you go to school you have French, Geography, Maths, but you don’t have ‘Property Investing’, you don’t have ‘Ultimate Bulletproof Confidence’. You don’t have ‘How to start your Online Business’. But imagine if all our kids grew up with that mentality: imagine how different this world would be.”

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