Wearing Winter Whites

If you live somewhere that experiences the changing of the seasons, you’re probably already prepping for winter. Cooler temps, early sunsets, the clocks go back, the nights get darker earlier – at around 4.30pm – and so you automatically feel cold. Darker colours come out of the wardrobe, and you just get ready for freezing weather.  But your wardrobe doesn’t have to reflect this gloominess. In fact, what better time to infuse your wardrobe with something that makes you feel cheery and bright?

One of my aims is to not wear too many dark colours this winter and have been checking out Winter Whites!!


Though you probably shouldn’t wear your summer whites when it’s cold (because yeah… it’s COLD), there are still plenty of offerings in cold-weather fabrics and textures. There’s nothing as refreshing as styling an outfit full of Winter whites. You’ll feel lighter, happier, and bolder being the girl who is NOT wearing black, utilising flattering ensembles in varying tones, from a crisp snow white to stunning cream.


Now, more than simply trading cotton for cashmere, wearing white in the winter is way different than in the summer.

Add dimension to an all-white look by mixing varying shades of white and cream. Try using different textures, like thick denim and buttery cashmere for a cool, clean and casual look.

Winter white is usually found in Autumn (or Fall) and Winter fabrications, like wool, flannel, heavy tweeds, cashmere and fabrics with more heft.  Summer fabrics like linen and lightweight cottons don’t work in the winter because… yeah. COLD.

Don’t try to be matchy-matchy; enjoy the differences in your winter whites. Select rich fabrics with texture and visual interest. No white tights (unless you’re a toddler).

The colour of winter is rarely stark bright white.  Instead, the shade is more of an ivory or a slightly grayed out white, like ivory.  Before you wear your white jeans in January, know that the crisp, clean, bright shade of summer white is NOT winter white.

Don’t try to squeeze into a smaller size or wear something extra baggy. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) shows in white, so the fit must be spot on.

You’ll definitely want to stick to tailored pieces, pants, skirts and dresses. Typically, winter white applies to hard pieces, or tailored items. Winter white often comes with the same body challenges that Summer white does.  If you don’t like white pants in the summer it isn’t likely that you will like them in the winter either.


Yes, your cleaning bills will be higher.

As Angela Wilson remarked on my Facebook Page when I posted a pic of me in a Winter white coat:

However if you are a regular commuter, especially on the underground, like me, it will need dry cleaning more often than not. It’s still worth it through, because it looks gorgeous on you.

Angela is the sweetest. And totally right about the dry cleaning. If you’re a commuter, you’ll have a hefty dry cleaning bill. Winter is messier than Summer, with the slush and other yuck that comes with inclement weather. Even though Winter white pants can be really pretty, if you walk a lot watch out for stains on the hems of the pants and consider Winter white skirts, dresses and jackets instead. Another good thing to have on hand- a Tide stick.

So what do you think? Can we pull off Winter Whites to make the short, cold days seem a bit brighter? I know you could rock this look… I’d LOVE to see some pictures of you in Winter Whites… head to the shops, get out your phone, snap a photo and show me on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. Let’s talk about it!