Do as I say (and as I DO)

In this day and age just saying to a child “just do it” isn’t even close to being good enough. Telling children to ‘do as I say not as I do‘ isn’t the best parenting technique. It’s hard for your children to understand, seeing as the most important example they’ll ever have… is you.

If you were raised to do as you were told no questions asked, then raising your children any other way can be difficult. As an adult you understand the only constant is change. Being able to accept change and adapt to a new way of doing something is difficult for anyone. The ability to adapt is a priceless concept to teach children. If they see that YOU can change your ways and learn something new, then they are more likely to do the same.

Having a strong family unit is vital to teaching children the important lessons of life. There are three things you can do to help your children and your family grow close together through your parenting techniques.
1. Set a good example
2. Set a good example
3. Set a good example

(are you sensing a theme here?)

As a mother raising girls, I desperately want them to generate a positive self image. In our society, young ladies are bombarded with the ‘You’re not good enough’ message. Not skinny enough, pretty enough, sexy enough (gives me the shivers just thinking about that one), just never ENOUGH. Well I say enough… of that. In order to foster a healthy, confident self image for your children, you have to (you guessed it) start doing it yourself! Self depreciation can be charming to a point, but even a few disparaging comments about yourself in front of your kids can set the stage for them to do the same.

If you have always hated your mousy hair or cursed your big thighs, it’s best to keep those thoughts to yourself. (Better yet try focusing on your amazing qualities… like those eyes of yours or that killer smile.)  Thinking positive thoughts, and more importantly, learning how to banish negative self talk, is a much needed skill in order to raise healthy children. When a Mum is feeling down on herself and doesn’t like the way she looks and feels, her children (especially daughters) pick up on it right away. Children learn behaviors and attitudes from YOU. If you’re never satisfied with your appearance, chances are your children may end up feeling the same way.

Our babies hating themselves is  something we just can’t have happen. Our children are too precious to start despising themselves by following our example. Start loving yourself, be the very best you can be, and remember they’re watching you!