What is Feeling Fab?

Today sees the launch of an exciting new project of mine, Feeling Fab.

What is Feeling Fab?

Whether male or female we all want to feel fab. Feeling fab for you might be a spa break, a delicious, nutritious meal, or a skincare regime that gives you a beautiful glow.

It might be a new hairdo, a completely new outfit or perhaps it’s just the chance to get lost in a really good book.

This is my opportunity to step outside the studio and explore topics which are close to my heart!

Feeling Fab

Through videos on YouTube, exciting events and the new Feeling Fab website I’ll be sharing information which will help you explore and change a number of areas in your life for the better.

No subject withheld, and debate will be welcomed!

How do I find out more?

Head over to now and sign up to the mailing list. And let’s start to feel fab together!