Winter disruption – again!

Snow has fallen once again in London and all over the UK, and as usual, a huge amount of industries either struggle or come to a standstill.

Transport services have either been disrupted, suspended or severely reduced, resulting in the work force leaving home extra early to get to work on time – which in my case is a must!! Or as some of you have told me “sod it – I get there when I get there”. Getting home from work is another matter. The overground services are always delayed, and that’s a guarantee. The Underground tends to run normally once the train approaches an underground section of the line.

My gripe on this occasion with the snow and the disruptions it’s caused is, we were told it was coming. That being the case why weren’t preparations put in place to decrease the mayhem that always arises? Isn’t it time the UK invested in the equipment (like snow ploughs) to remove the snow and grit the roads and pavements overnight? We can then continue with our travel plans as usual.

Countries like Canada, Alaska and even Scotland seem to be able to cope with snow fall higher than 12 inches, why then does the UK (Scotland excluded) fall apart every time we have 3 – 4 inches of snow.  Enough now!

Whist waiting on Platform 12 at Clapham Junction station on today at around 2pm I was eavesdropping on a conversation two working women were having, they were obviously fed up of their lives being disrupted when snow falls in London and around Surrey, Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent. The essence of their conversation was that there are enough members of the population on benefits who do very little on a daily basis to earn their benefits. Put them on a rotation list in each town to clear the snow overnight so that transport services can run normally, and the working population who pay their benefits can get to work so they can earn their benefits…

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