Autumn Birthday Party Themes for Kids in UK


Autumn birthdays are great to celebrate. They bring along a variety of options to party. So, you can choose one of many wonderful themes and host the party. There can’t be a better way to mark the arrival of the Fall!

You can host a party full of outdoor activities and vibrant foliage. You can let kids have a great time with the combination of fun, food and games. Themes are many to host an autumn birthday party and you know what will suit you the best!

Let’s look at some of themes to host autumn birthday party of your kid.

Farm Party

Farm party is just perfect for the Fall and it will bring great joy for sure. When farm theme is chosen, you can get kids a variety of activities to enjoy such as hay ride, scavenger hunt etc. Not to forget, kids can get to mingle and interact with a variety of animals as well. Similarly, you can go with animal-themed decorations with colourful squash, corn and apples thrown in.



The best thing about a camping-themed party is that, you can host them anywhere with equal ease. So, be it the backyard, inside the home, in the wood etc., the fun is going to be the same everywhere. Kids will enjoy a tent sleepover and don’t forget, they can get a whole host of outdoor activities to try. Now, you can get adorable printables, foods, and shrubs and lay it out on the table to start rolling the party.


Costume theme

Costume theme is great as it gives kids a chance to wear what they rarely do beyond once in a year. You can ask kids to come in their costumes in a party where decorations are done using pumpkins, cookies, cupcakes. Such a party can fit perfectly with the season as it’s entirely different from what a traditional party may look like.


Fall Harvest

A season-perfect party is one where the stuff match the mood of the season. Thus, you can choose fall harvest theme and fill the table with things related to the fall season. You can stock sweets made from fall harvest. You can decorate using fall leaves. Ideas are in plenty when you decide to wrap the flavour of the autumn season around the party.


Sunflower Party

Sunflower and autumn are synonymous with each other. It’d be great if this flower is favourite of your kid. This will give you an opportunity to use the flower lavishly and make the party a visual treat for sure. You can use the flower-theme papers and cut-outs for decoration purposes.


Woodland party

How about taking the party outside the house? Trust us, the Fall is the best season to do the same and make the party memorable. With the party under the open sky, kids are sure to get a variety of games and activities to enjoy. You can do some burlap decorations and then put gnomes in the bushes. This is how a lovely party is delivered to kids.


Art Party

It’s time to mix food and fun with creativity. So, give your kid an opportunity to showcase their creative side and indulge in great fun. First up, you need to line the walls with craft papers and give kids paint, crayons and markers. With kids having the smocks, you will let them enjoy a new dimension in creativity and freedom. Thus, choosing an art party is a great way to relish the charms of the autumn although in an arty way!


Space party

The space and its trappings are what make the kids enchanted to a great degree. They have a big fascination for stars, galaxy and things the space is made up of. Parents should leverage on that and host a space party to give kids a perfect outlet to take their love of the space to a new level. So, fill the party with roll rockets, star stickers, and star-themed cake and get a perfect ambiance created for the party.



In a nutshell, these are some of themes to host birthday party for kids in the autumn. Thus, you can choose what suits you and your kids the most and have a memorable party.

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