Winterize Your Makeup


The winter has come bringing cold windy weather. However, not only does the weather change in winter, but the fashion changes as well. You start wearing pullovers, warm coats, woollen scarves, boots, etc.

As you must have realised, everything changes with the change of seasons. Thus, your makeup cannot be an exception to the rule. This is why we have singled out some makeup tips for the cold weather, since the tips you followed during the summer won’t do the trick anymore.

Moisturize your skin

Winter is the time of year when your skin is dehydrated because of the cold weather and constant winds, which will make the skin dry and red fast if you don’t moisturize it properly. Dry patches can occur and no makeup can cover them.


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Thus, before you even consider applying the foundation, make sure that you have the right moisturizer. Products with a cream base tend to moisturize better in cold weather than lotions. In case of dry skin, we recommend a rich-oil based cream. On the other hand, women with oily skin should avoid these oil-based products even in the winter. This doesn’t mean that they don’t need a moisturizer, but just that they should stick to oil-free hydration products.

Waterproof your eye makeup

Snow is so magical, isn’t it? Yes, especially when you look at it through the window of your warm, cosy house. However, when you are outside, it becomes your worst enemy, since it can cause a makeup meltdown, ruining your look in just a second.


In order to fight against it as efficiently as possible, we advise you to apply waterproof mascara and eyeliner only on the upper lids to avoid having the cheeks covered in eye makeup.

Choose the right colours

Let’s start with your eye shadow. The best way to get a natural look is to match their colours to the colours of nature in winter. We advise you to stick to white, silver and brown nuances, which will accentuate your eyes, giving your face a pretty and subtle look at the same time.

While your eye shadow matches the nature, you can get a bolder look by choosing dark lipsticks, which will be the absolute trend for this season. You can experiment with hundreds of shades and some of our favourite ones are blackberry and dark red colours.


Finally, don’t forget to match the colour of your foundation with the rest of your makeup. Keep in mind that your skin is lighter at this time of the year. Also, we recommend trying out moisturizing liquid foundations instead of powder ones, which will give you a natural, minimal makeup look, and also keep your skin hydrated.


Don’t forget sunscreen

Even though you don’t notice it, UV rays are also present in the winter. They can severely damage your skin and make it age prematurely. A research study even shows that exposure to sun accounts for 80% of wrinkles occurring. The UV exposure can also lead to reduced skin elasticity, which again causes ageing.


Thus, in order to keep your skin elastic and radiant through the whole year, wear sunscreen with at least SPF 30 regularly.

Protect your lips

Choosing a right lip balm is crucial for this time of the year. There is no lipstick which will look sexy on cracked, flaky lips. So, it’s desirable to have balm on your lips whenever you go outside to protect them from dry winter air. We would particularly recommend one that contains sunscreen.


However, if you want to wear a lipstick, you can just apply it over the balm, thus having your lips hydrated even under a matte lipstick.

As you can see, your wardrobe is not the only thing that changes with the change of seasons. It’s equally important to choose the right makeup which will protect your skin from the cold weather and look stunning at the same time.



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