Time for essential family time

Sometimes it’s challenging to balance work and family time.  Working in an industry that’s quite demanding and competitive can take its toll, but the pay off is – in my opinion – embracing family time when your shift is over.

This weekend my eldest daughter had a birthday party with her friends (all 65 of them!).  The venue was heaving with screaming 14-year-old girls and guys dancing.  Among her friends were also family members ranging from the ages of 3 years to 80 years, in essence it shouldn’t have worked and we should have felt out of place.  But it did work, and one of my daughter’s friends actually commented on how she would give anything to have that energy of love embracing her.

There were parents, grand-parents, aunts, uncles and cousins on both mine and Mr. G’s side and (even though we weren’t too up on some of the music) we all just danced and enjoyed ourselves.  There was no discrimination, no pointing of fingers, just a room packed with people of different generations, ages and races celebrating a birthday.

Sunday resulted in a house full of family members who couldn’t handle the drive home on Saturday night!  We ate, we drank, we told stories, we laughed, we loved!  It was a weekend that made me realise that LOVE truly is the highest ultimate emotion.

I’m looking forward to going to work today with a feeling of gratitude, because the love I experienced this weekend makes all the hard work worthwhile.  It Feels Fab!!certified portuguese translation