My Weight Watchers weight loss diary

Thank You Weight Watchers. I actually followed an eating plan which resulted in a weight loss that didn’t give me headaches or make me dizzy and I never went hungry.

The Weight Watchers Pro Points Eating Plan is easy to follow; large amouts of fruit, vegetables and protein and I recently learnt that the body can’t store protein so weight loss is guaranteed more so if you follow a protein top heavy eating plan.

Carbs on the other hand are different as they are energy foods and I found I needed to work them off (if that makes sense). Some carbs are also full of sugar – like wine, which I love! And if like me you work in the afternoon or into the evening, it might be an idea to try eating carbs during the day, or at least choosing a time (and sticking to it!), when you don’t eat any further carbs – maybe after 4 or 5pm?

The November issue of Weight Watchers magazine gives you an outline of my journey that resulted in a 10lb weight loss. I do wish I had lost a little more but my main barrier was the change in hours when I covered Magic Breakfast, the change in start time from 5pm to 5am really messed up my metabolism and slowed it right down.

But let’s not be negative, I am now regularly exercising to increase my metabolism to keep the weight off and increase muscle tone.

My thanks go to my personal Weight Watchers Leader Janet Lunn; Sarah McNeish of Weight Watchers magazine; Kimberly Bartlette from BraStop, and all the staff  who were involved in the photo shoot.