Facial Scaring – Natural Products



Make up is not always or the only remedy that one can use to cover scars or acne on the face. There are always other alternatives to cover marks caused by whatever reason. They are easy homemade and natural ways to make the face look attractive. Cleaning up the face always is one of the most important ways since excessive dirt in the surrounding causes friction on the face and this makes the face look clumsy. Also, the germs in the environment react with the skin causing acnes but if an individual has scars on their face already or acnes, the best way to cover them is through natural ways.

Face wash

Cleanliness is the best way of getting a scar or acne free attractive face always but cleaning the face should be with the use of soaps that are not harsh on the skin as well as alcohol-free face washes that are mild to the skin. This is because the face washes that have a high ph especially alkaline may cause skin irritation that leads to acne due to itching.

Turmeric with honey

Honey and turmeric are naturally from the environment and have an antiseptic property. Due to this property, they naturally help kill germs that cause acnes and scars. The procedure of applying is making a paste of the two a spoon of honey and a pinch of turmeric then apply the paste on the areas where you have the scars let it stay and dry then rinse it off using warm water. Turmeric has a natural way of acting like a skin brightening cream.

Ice cubes

Ice cubes are very easy to get since you just freeze water in the refrigerator. All you have to do is apply it gently on the part of the face where you have acnes or scars. This makes them appear to be less conspicuous and shrink in size as your skin remains to be free of scars and gives lytera reviews if it is done on a regular basis.


Almonds are types of nuts known to have a lot of benefits to the body and skin. When used it gives the skin a terrific tone without any types of blemish. This makes them be alternatives of skin brightening creams. One needs around three almonds soaked overnight in water. In the morning peel their skin then mash them, use rose water to mix the mashed almonds and cover the scars on the face without makeup.

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Tomatoes have always had a lot of benefits to the body when consumed they are also greatly known for the benefits it has to the skin while applied. This is because they remove scars acnes and dark spots caused by acnes. The tomato is sliced then applied on the face a portion at a time all over the face then let it settle and dry for about thirty minutes. The face is then washed with cold water and the difference on the face is magnificent.

Warm compress

This is a very effective way of removing scars on the face because the toxins present in the body, especially on the face, come out through pores. Warm compressing is done using a towel and warm water. Squeeze out extra water then place it on the face. This opens up pores and it is a remedy especially for acnes.

Neem scar remover

Scars that are through pimples are due to bacterial infection Neem (Indian lilac) which is a plant. It is a perfect solution for getting rid of the scars. The procedure is taking a bunch of the neem, boil it in water let it boil till the water is deep green in colour then let the water cool to lukewarm. Use the water to wash the face and the results are lytera reviews.

Lemon juice

The juice of lemons is also very important on the face. It can be used as an alternative to skin brightening creams. This is because of its acidic nature that kills bacteria that cause acnes and scars. Lemons are cut in two halves and applied all over the skin for effective use. It should be applied twice a day then the face cleaned up in warm water to open pores.


Natural ways of covering face scars are always the best alternatives to make ups this is because they have no side effects as most of them are plants that are ingested and have no harmful chemicals to the skin, though acidic ingredients are not recommended for the face lemon is the only acid liquid one can use since it plays a great role in killing germs. Face washing should always be the 1st step in treating the face so as to achieve glow and prevent aging which can also done with strivectin.