Mike Bullen Interview


Probably one of the most down to earth series on TV returned some weeks ago and leaped forward 13 years. Writer and Creator of Cold Feet, Mike Bullen, talks to me about how this series was created, the stories behind the characters and who the characters are based on. The reason this TV show feels real, is because it is real, based on real people and real lives.

Get comfortable as Mike and I talk about the characters as they are today in the current series, dealing with marriage, step families, teenage hormones, finances, depression etc. Everyday lives with everyday people dealing with everyday issues.

In the last part of our talk Mike taps into the reality of the characters, I go way off on the storyline concerning Karen and Eddie and we discuss the potential of any additional series of the programme.

I’m just so happy that Skype is as great as it is! Enjoy more interviews on my official SoundCloud Page.

Soundcloud Image courtesy of Google
Cover Image provided by Mike Bullen. Photography by Mark Wakefield