Happy International Women’s Day!

8th March is always a big date in the calendar because it’s International Women’s Day.

The celebration of women all over the world regardless of their age, race, colour or culture is highlighted throughout the day on all platforms of media.  I love that the profession of women isn’t recognised first and foremost, but more so the achievements of women and the impact they have on society today.

So motherhood isn’t frowned upon as it was say 10 years ago, the Yummy Mummy has her place in society and she holds her head up quite high as she balances home-making with keeping her husband, her children and definitely herself happy.

Working with children is also a very rewarding task whether in schools, hospitals, or care homes.

The professional woman has, however, made her mark on the world.  She is no longer afraid to put her best foot forward and aim for tasks that she is passionate about as oppose to tasks or professions that are labelled “female”.

I think the role of women will change even more as the world changes, we probably won’t recognise ourselves in five years’ time!

You can get in the mood by watching these inspirational images from Reuters of incredible women around the world. Watch the slideshow now

Or find out more by going to the International Women’s Day website or following them on Twitter at @WomensDay.

And regardless of where you are in this world, Happy International Women’s Day – whatever your passion.