Forgiving Your Body

The relationship you have with your body is one of the most important relationships you will ever have.

Your body. It is the only vessel we are given to experience this life with, and yet, somehow we always struggle to love it. Whether it’s from the media, our families, our surroundings and our own opinions… we feel like we have to fit some vision of perfection.

So how do we get in touch with and get to the business of forgiving and loving our bodies?  

It’s when we forget that our intuition is inside of us that we reach for other sources that may not benefit us.

We have to learn how to have a relationship with our bodies. Think back to how you’ve treated your body. Have you always been kind? I haven’t.  In many ways, I have been my own body’s abuser, from banging its head into pillows to stuffing it with food that it didn’t need. We starve our bodies, work out too hard, don’t work out enough, don’t get enough sleep, and on and on and on.   Sometimes we take a lot of our anger out on our bodies even though our bodies did nothing to deserve it.  I recently ask myself “if my body and its organs could speak, would I receive compliments about they I’ve treated them”?  That’s a tough one!

We need to learn to treat our bodies like we would treat our children. Why would we permit our bodies to live on junk food while insisting that my daughter’s body be fueled with healthy foods? Part of this progress has to come from forgiving your body for the abuse it endured, even though deep down we recognize that there truly is nothing to forgive.

Forgiveness is about connecting with our love for each other, our bodies, and ourselves.

By letting go with love and compassion we are ultimately opening a door for a new beginning. This is how you set yourself free.

Once you learn how to forgive your body there are exceptional ways to make your body the best it can be.

In the book Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything, there’s a chapter on Forgiving Your Body (Day 2).  Check it out, don’t just read through it, absorb the chapter.  You’ll find it quite eye opening!

Forgive your body, love your body, and stay fabulous!