Get Happy! With TSAKA Beauty


Get Happy! TSAKA (@TsakaBeauty) introduces the beauty of Mozambique to the UK

In the Ronga dialect of Mozambique, the word TSAKA means ‘happiness’. TSAKA is a brand new British eco-luxury skincare company that pays tribute to time tested traditional African beauty recipes – pushing the boundaries on what is possible in natural beauty.


The brand unveils the beauty and science behind Mozambique’s extraordinary flora, beginning with a spa collection of luxury skincare containing the finest ingredients to nourish and protect the skin.

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#brownbeauty entrepreneur Celmira Amade

Founded by Cambridge postgraduate student Celmira Amade, the establishment of the brand is the fulfillment of her “lifelong dream of launching a natural skincare company that showcases Africa’s natural botanic treasures”.

The TSAKA face mask is the first product in the skincare collection. The face mask is formulated with Olax Dissitiflora extracts to deep clean, detoxify and smoothen the skin without irritating or clogging the pores. Olax Dissitiflora has highly anti-inflammatory and smoothing properties that minimise post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation, making it a good match for combination, oily and acne prone skin of colour. However, according the Amade,the real wonder of the TSAKA facial lies in its ‘preservative free formula and versatility to work in harmony with one’s current beauty routine’. It is also free from:

• Animal derived ingredients

• Hydroquinone

• Lead

• Heavy alcohol

• Synthetic fragrances

• Sulfate

• Mineral Oil

I tested the mask to experience the efficacy for myself. The mask comes in a finely milled powdered state and needs to be activated with water. I blended half a teaspoon of the powder with one teaspoon of water to create a thin paste. A portion of the paste was then applied to the skin and I lightly scrubbed my skin with the formula, which contains the visible olax dissitflora elements. I then applied the remainder of the paste to the skin and left the mask to set for 30 minutes. Amade states that this is the minimum time required to see the full benefits of the product, so this mask is ideal for a time of pampering and relaxation.

Upon removal of the mask, my skin felt supple and smooth and not at all dry, considering I had been wearing the mask for such a long time. I have used it on a couple of occasions and have been impressed with the feel of my skin post use and I will be incorporating it into my future routine.

The packaging and presentation of the product is beautiful and really adds to the luxury aspect and as a little of this product goes a long way, this is one luxury that will last!


RRP: £45(30g)

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