Get Up Stand Up – The Bob Marley Musical

Get Up, Stand Up is (in the words of my daughters) Lit

Can’t really express the passion and excitement without giving the story line away, but we know the music and the story. I loved how the songs were weaved into Bob’s life, sometimes the script wasn’t required, the songs were enough.

The characters of Bob, Rita and the I Threes, Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer and Cindi Breakspeare were captivating, but the belly laugh for me was the Lee Perry character. Not gonna say anymore, treat yourself to an evening out and enjoy some sweet reggae music.

Caught up with Brenda Emmanus, Michelle Matheson, Giles Terrera (Hamilton) Omar, and my radio brother Paul Phear who wanted to dutty whine but there was no room in the stalls. Ax