WW Podcast: Menopause

Wonderful morning at WW UK talking about #menopause for #WorldMenopauseDay.

Great talk about Menopause, open honest, no edits. Keeping the subject “real”.

WW is making the change…WW marked World Menopause Day at Situ Live in Westfield, by meeting with a panel of extraordinary women, who are campaigning to break the taboo surrounding this time of change. Heather Jackson, GEN-M movement founder, summed up the current situation saying:  “2% of the population in this country are vegan and so much money is spent marketing products to them.  20% are menopausal and there’s no sign of anything for us.” Something needs to change!

WW is proud to be one of the brands talking to Gen-M and we’re committed to making sure we offer support, products and solutions for menopausal members and our workforce. You can subscribe to the Wellness that Works podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts (links below) to listen to the episode as soon as it goes live. 

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