Improving Your Digestive Power


orange juiceFollowing on from Five Shocking Facts About Healthy Food; Food and Nutrition Expert Anu Paavola shares five ways that you can improve your digestive power. Doing so can help promote overall good health and more energy!

1. Drink sips of hot water throughout the day
• Drinking too much water flushes the digestive enzymes away leaving little or nothing for the food to be broken down
• Cold water slows down digestion and creates mucous

2. Avoid washing your food down with water or other drinks
• It is important you mix your food with enough saliva in your mouth. With a drink you bypass this process and will have hard time digesting carbs

3. Mix only a few items at one meal
• The more ingredients the harder it will be to digest. A high number of superfoods in your smoothie makes it hard to digest and easily creates bloating, gas and heaviness

4. Emphasize lunch
• Do not skip this meal
• Have a light breakfast and light dinner

5. Concentrate only on eating during your meals
• Do not eat in front of the screen, TV or on the go


The way you eat your meals is often more important than what you eat. If you follow these guidelines you can dramatically improve the way your food is processed along the way after it’s ingested. You’ll have more energy, healthy tissues and eliminate in a proper way.


Anu-Paavola-150x150Anu Paavola is a Ayurvedic expert and owner of Jivita Ayurveda. She is a qualified ayurvedic practitioner (B.SC Hons, MAPA) and a yoga teacher. Find out more