Eating Healthy In A Hurry

eating healthy in a hurry

You’re busy. (I’m busy). We’re ALL busy with work and kids and summer time fun. It’s very tempting to take the easy way out and hit the vending machine at work, or buy pre-packaged foods or go out to eat too often. This leads to more money out of your wallet and more calories added to your waistline. Two things we’d all like to avoid.

Here are some ways to eat healthy in a hurry… without breaking the bank.


Stock Up On The Good Stuff… Everywhere.

Not only is filling your kitchen with healthy food options vital, but even more important is stocking the other places where you spend time during the day. This is where we can get into trouble, eating on the go.

If you’re often in your car driving, keep nuts, granola bars, or other healthy snacks in the car to keep yourself from hitting the dreaded drive thru. At your work desk, keep cans of tuna, canned fruit, trail mix, or meal replacement bars that you can have in a pinch instead of grabbing junk food from the vending machine.



Choose Prepared Proteins… Wisely. 

Yes, yes I know. Pre-packaged foods are usually a NO-NO filled with salt and sugars and other unwanted extras. But we’re talking protein here (no canned SPAM please).

Usually if you choose fresh meat or chicken for your protein, they take much longer to prepare than the starches that we love so much. When you find yourself in a rush, consider pre-cooked protein options like a rotisserie chicken, canned tuna or chicken, or pre-cooked shrimp. Choose a thin fresh fish filet, it can be ready to eat in a matter of minutes. Vegetarian proteins like tofu and canned beans can also be very quick and easy for an on-the-go lifestyle.


Shop Smart

Going to the shop multiple times a week wreaks havoc on your wallet and your time. Get organized and buy everything you need for the week in one trip. This saves you from making unwanted impulse purchases as well as keeping you on the straight and narrow with your healthy menu.

Fill up your cupboards with tomatoes, beans, and other canned goods. Believe it or not, canned produce CAN be just as nutritious as fresh. Boost your healthy eating habits by stocking your pantry with a long-lasting items you can use in a pinch. Buy broth, canned tuna, dried soups, and whole grain mixes. Tortillas can be easily made into lovely low-cal sandwich wraps made with love but in a hurry.

Beware microwave dinners and “quicke”meals. Sure they save time, but you’d be gobsmacked at the preservatives involved. (SO not good for you) Such meals are often high in salt, fat, and calories, and probably cost more than food you can whip together yourself. A home-cooked meal will definitely taste better and make you FEEL better.

I’d love to hear some recipe ideas for healthy meals in a hurry! Hit me up on Twitter @AngieGreaves or leave me a comment below!