It’s Festival Season!

Cornbury, Wireless, Love Supreme, Latitude, North Sea Jazz, LoveBox, and I could go on.  This is the season for outdoor music events, picnics, bag packing, load up the car and just take off, book an overnight stay in a hotel (I’m too scared of spiders so I won’t camp) and enjoy sunshine, outdoor music and great vibes.  

Did you see highlights of Queen B and a pregnant Cardi B at last weekend’s Coachella in California?  

 And Cardi B with her VERY pregnant self lit the stage on fire… 


Upcoming UK festivals…

  • RiZE Festival 2018. Chelmsford, United Kingdom.
  • Bestival 2018. East Lulworth, United Kingdom.
  • Creamfields 2018. Daresbury, United Kingdom.
  • Camp Bestival 2018. East Lulworth, United Kingdom.
  • Download Festival 2018. Derby, United Kingdom.
  • The Great Escape Festival 2018. …
  • Isle of Wight Festival 2018. …
  • Latitude Festival 2018.

to name a few. Check out this article by Festicket Magazine for the top 20 festivals in the UK so you can plan your Summer music fest!

But heed this WARNING!

You, and especially your young girls, have to be especially careful at festivals.

A Teen Vogue reporter went to Coachella this year to talk to concertgoers about sexual harassment. She was groped 22 times in 10 hours. Here are just a couple of examples…

Of the 54 young women who spoke to Teen Vogue for this piece during the weekend-long event, all of them had a story of sexual assault or harassment that occurred this year at Coachella. Many of these accounts reveal patterns of predatory behaviour harassers exhibited throughout the festival, and many of the reports I collected sound nearly exactly the same. Here are some of their stories, condensed for clarity.

“Of course sexual harassment happens here,” said Ana, 19. “It happens to us at all concerts. At Coachella there’s so many people that men will get away with touching you, and they think we don’t notice. It happened to me many times already, and I notice every time.”

“It never goes further than a touch on my butt or my back, but it’s not an OK place to be touched,” said June, 20. “Would you do that to a coworker? Or another guy? Then don’t do that to me. This is my third day, and it’s probably happened to me 40 times this weekend.”

Here are some ways for you (and your youngsters) to stay SAFE at music festivals:

  1. Hydrate:

  2. Have a festival buddy that you go NOWHERE without.

  3. Don’t accept anything from a stranger.

  4. Bring a portable charger.

  5. Have an exit plan in case you get separated.

  6. Make yourself known in a crowd if you DO get lost. Ask women for help.

  7. Speak up if you see something sketchy. Make it a point to have a ZERO tolerance policy for bad behaviour. Yell and scream if you have to.

What makes a good festival, and what make a great festival performer? How can you make sure your kids are safe during festival season?  Are you planning any festival trips this year? Tell me all about it on Facebook  Twitter and Instagram.