My secret to Luscious Lips

Oh the lips. The focal point of any face, lipstick creates mystery and magic and memorable looks that linger. But if you get it wrong, there’s nothing worse. You’ve all seen the too orangey red or the screaming fuchsia that is hard for anyone to pull off.

Still, there’s something about lipstick that makes it the one product you absolutely must have to change your entire look. Having gorgeously coloured lips can give you confidence: when wearing lipstick, you’ll instantly feel better. I have very full lips which I love (I’ve known women pay money to have lips my size) and I feel more confident and beautiful when my lips are their perfect shade.

So here a few of the lipsticks, and don’t forget Lip Liners and gloss, that are straight from my personal makeup bag.


Dolce and Gabbana Passion Duo Darling Lip Color

Haven’t used this that much as it’s not my safe shade – you know we all have safety colours and safety barriers. Also it’s Dolce and Gabbana and my daughters picked this one up for me from Sephora in New York. The colour is called Daring – and I think it is!


MAC Cosmetics Chestnut Lip Liner, Lipglass, Ruby Woo Lipstick

Let me tell you all about MAC lips. The Chestnut pencil creates the perfect outline and when blended correctly with Ruby Woo lipstick, creates luscious lips. The Chestnut pencil is also beautiful when blended with the lipglass. Currant pencil blended with a little lip glass also looks amazing. Lip Glass colour is Spite.


Strawberry Topaz Lip Lacquer – Revlon New York

Strawberry Topaz is a nice red coloured lip gloss which imparts a beautiful shine on the lips. Wear time of these glosses is a good 3-4hrs without heavy meals. With heavy meals it lasted for about 2.5-3hrs leaving a soft stain on the lips and that is the time when the minute golden shimmer is noticeable.


Pleasure Me Red Maybelline New York

This lipstick is so thick and creamy the “less is more” policy kicks in.  I think using a lip brush is also a great idea since a single swipe will load you with red colour. The finish is creamy with a soft sheen and will go matte after some time. It lasts a very long time and doesn’t stain even a little bit on me.

What is your favorite shade of lipstick? Have you ever had any lipstick disasters (on your teeth ugh…)? What are your tips for getting your lips perfectly luscious? 

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