Makeup with MAC

You ALL know I love my makeup, I’m getting a little more adventurous too. 

My babies have been telling me to expand my colour ranges for eyes and lips – I would either have Plum Lips with Spite Lip Gloss or Red Lips!  

Personally, I seldom deviate from my MAC Ruby Woo in the evenings or Mac Rebel in the day.

My friends at MAC Cosmetics are partnering with me on a 10 week series starting soon and we’ll be exploring and expanding on the skincare and colours of the range for base foundation, eyes, lips, lashes, cheeks, brushes, you name it. 

Why I love MAC

There are many different reasons as to why I love MAC, they have the Viva Glam line which has five permanent lipsticks and once a year they’ll have a celebrity collab for a limited edition shade and 100% of proceeds from this line goes to their AIDS fund. Most brands that donate proceeds only give a small percentage.

Their colour range is quite nice especially for medium toned complexions. Most drugstore brands have “medium” shades but they’re pretty much made for Caucasian people who are tan or self-tan because they’re 95% of the time too pink or orange. Whereas with MAC the undertones are a lot better. I also find that they’re better than most higher end brands because other ones I’ve tried were merely not yellow enough.

They also have a lot more options/products. It is a shop where you can find everything you need in one visit especially if you live near a pro store.

I quite like that a decent amount of their foundations are better on oily skin. With other higher end brands they tend to cater to more normal to dry skin and will have like one foundation for oily skin. I think MAC stood with that “pro” aspect, since the formulations for oily skin tends to hold up a lot better with photoshoots and such.

Even with their lip products, even the “sheer” lipsticks are quite pigmented. Most of their “lipglass” products are quite pigmented too. They change my lip colour in a lovely way!

Other things I really love about MAC are the limited edition collections. Sure, other brands do them too but not quite as often as MAC. The Aaliyah collection is a particular favourite!

MAC deals with skin type, not age, so whatever your age you can walk into a MAC store and not feel intimidated. I can’t wait for you to take this MAC journey with me… watch this space and on my social media for the upcoming series!

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