The Motivational Nathaniel Peat

In light of the tensions that have been reported in the news I want to highlight an extremely positive young man by the name of Nathaniel Peat.

Nathaniel doesn’t believe in the words  ‘no”, “can’t” or “won’t”  He has utilised his frustration with the educational system to prove that you can achieve if you put your mind to it and he wears very many hats to prove that you can be multi-talented.

Nathaniel Peat is more than inspirational – refusing to allow the word “no” to be a part of his vocabulary, and definitely not allowing a negative start (in the eyes of society) to position him in a place that keeps him down. With the recent highlights in the media that #BlackLivesMatter Nathaniel is a great listen. Believing that the foundation can be changed, and the mindset is a strong. Nathaniel gives his insight into reasons why aiming high is not an option.

Recently listed in the Financial Times as an outstanding entrepreneur, a proud airline pilot and the founder of The Safety Box which is a non-profit organisational programme which uses methods to interrupt violent behaviour and promotes a positive outcome especially in youth, I was honoured that Nathaniel Peat took time out of his schedule to talk to me about his passions, entrepreneurship, business, life and fatherhood which he clearly enjoys, takes seriously, but thoroughly enjoys.

Take a listen to this interview and be inspired – Nathaniel is an amazing character and was recently acknowledged in the Financial Times as one of the top earners, motivators and inspirational people within the UK.