Mums – take care of yourself!

This is the day. The day that you’re going to wake up earlier than your kids so that you can get your morning run. This is the day you’re going to start your new healthy eating program. The day that you’re going to keep that appointment to get that much needed mani-pedi (it is almost spring you know). This is the day you’re going to take care of yourself!

And then little ones traipse down the stairs telling you they forgot to do their school project that’s due today, your other child has a fever, your husband can’t find his keys, the dog has chewed up your purse, the dishes in the sink are mocking you, and the cat just threw up on your Manalo’s. Yes this may sound extreme but I think not. There are those of you out there who are picking up what I’m putting down.

What happens? All those intentions you had to take care of you? They’re gone in a flurry of everyone hollering “I need you”. And not just on that ONE day… every single day. After a while this takes a toll on you, and it’s very easy to lose your motivation and that winning smile that makes you so amazing.

You need to realize, before it’s too late, that if you don’t take care of yourself both physically and emotionally, you won’t have much to offer your children. You’ll start to let yourself go, becoming a robot with wrinkles who has completely forgotten everything that makes you the passionate woman that you are.

Women who don’t take care of themselves risk being overwhelmed and eventually burn out. It may seem like multi-tasking and juggling everything is allowing you to manage it all right now but you’re paying a high price for the constant on-the-go mentality by ignoring your need for rest and ‘you time’.

There is a direct correlation between always putting other’s needs before your own and how healthy you are. Worn, stressed, tired, beat down, frazzled… we’ve all been there and done it. How long do you think you can keep this up Mums? When does it become time for you?Mums take care of yourself

So many working Mums fall into the trap of thinking “I’m the only one who can dothis the RIGHT way” That kind of thinking not only makes you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, it doesn’t give credit to others (and it’s a teensy bit arrogant). It prevents others in your family from learning skills that can empower them and take some of the load from your shoulders.

With Mother’s Day coming in just a few days, I want you to make a conscious effort to take time for yourself, whatever that looks like. It could be a hot bath, or a nap. Perhaps a day trip to the spa or buying yourself that new outfit you’ve wanted (without also shopping for your kids at the same time). A night out with your friends or a date night with your husband. (Your children aren’t going to be permanently damaged by having a babysitter for ONE night)

The important thing is to focus on yourself. You can’t be the amazing Mum that you are if you don’t take care of you. The house won’t explode (I don’t think). The kids will be fine without you (for a bit). As for the pets… they’re still in a time out for ruining your bag and shoes.

How are you planning on taking care of yourself this Mother’s Day? Would love to hear all about it on Twitter! Tweet me @AngieGreaves – let’s talk about it!