Wear less black – even shoes!!!

Black is a universal colour that goes with anything, but the key, in my opinion, is to uplift the black with different coloured accessories.

I was getting into a bit of a rut where it was just easy to wear black, and during a recent wardrobe de-clutter I noticed that 85% of my tops, bottoms, etc that I was bagging in bin liners for the charity shop, was black.  There was no creativity, it was just “safe” clothing.  Had a little chat with myself (as you do!), and asked why did I need to feel “safe”?  What was I “hiding” from underneath all this black clothing?  I knew the answer.  Digging a little deeper I also realised that too much black clothing was also affecting my mood.

My resolution at the turn of 2012 was to wear less black for 3 months, here we are in September and I’m rocking some serious colours from head to toe.  My business colleague and friend, Marta Jonsson, gifted me the most amazing pair of coloured shoes with matching handbag.  So I really am now wearing less black from head to toe.

It’s All Good ……………