Who Are You Now?

Looking at herself.

Do you have moments when you look in the mirror and don’t recognise who is looking back? And you really don’t have time to answer the question right there and then?! Then life gets busy and you have to work, get the children up, take the car for MOT…and you get on with it. As we do. All the time.

However, you can take stock at any time and ‘contemplate your navel’ as one of my sisters always says! Whether your thing is walking by the sea, sitting in a café, relaxing in a bath or going for a massage, just ‘stop’ for a bit, touch base and connect with yourself again.

Yes, then be kind to yourself and say “I love you”. I know, it might be scary. I used to ‘stop’ and get frustrated as I’m so goal driven, I’d say ‘am I there yet’ but I have learnt to sit in gratefulness and appreciation as another of my sisters says ‘stop and pat yourself on the back for all you HAVE achieved’. If I couldn’t change anything at the time I just made it better with my thought pattern and learnt to ‘sit within the lesson’ and be patient as it was always ‘working perfectly’ for me.

So where are you in life?

If you looked back 5 to 10 years ago, are you where you thought you would be? Or who you thought you would be, most importantly? No, we don’t always need to know where our path is taking us and yes, we do need to ‘flow within the river’, however, which ocean destination will it lead to? Plus are we leaving a lasting legacy by influencing, sharing and helping others? It’s okay if you are not ready for these questions.

My daughter said “why did I inherit your ‘questioning, sensitive to others energy’ type observational spirit? Why couldn’t I just not know and be ‘dumb’?” Now no one is dumb, people are all very different and there are those who choose to subconsciously float no matter where the river takes them seemingly happy go lucky. Then there are others who have mapped out all rivers and floats in the right one, heading straight towards their predetermined ocean (or do we all end up where we are supposed to anyway regardless? Mmmm…another newsletter!). I knew 15 years ago that I wanted to work for myself with my then non-existent husband in business. I wrote it down and sourced counselling/coaching routes in order to reduce my hours in the corporate financial sector. I planned that by 2014 I would be fully working for myself. It happened in 2010, albeit in some unexpected fields!

Now we can talk about hard work, persistence, blood, sweat or tears literally and we can talk about faith, belief, goal setting and taking action. Somehow though, through either writing it down and/or having that vision so you can actually see, feel, hear, almost touch it…you too can fulfill those burning dreams, ‘Be’ more of your highest self and utilise your unique skills, lesson and attributes in your chosen lifestyle . Whether that is needing more life balance, working in a different field or working for yourself. It takes time. It takes energy. It takes commitment. What are you willing to sacrifice? So in 5 to 10 years will you be able to look in the mirror and be proud of ‘who you are now?’