National Spa Week – MindBody Therapy

Here at we’re very fortunate to be able to tap into the expertise that is Karen Burke. She has been one of our contributors for years and always provides us with a wealth of information on wellness, both inside and out.

Seeing that this week is National Spa week, I wanted to feature Karen and her company MindBody Therapy Centre and share with you some of my favorite posts that Karen has written for us. We must nurture our inner selves as WELL as our outer selves, that is the only way to pamper our Mind/Body connection. 

Karen is passionate about expanding people’s self awareness and power. Her strengths are inspiring, positive, implementer and multi-tasker. Her core values are integrity, honesty, loyalty and respect which tie into how their companies are run.

She is the co-owner of the MindBody Therapy Centre, an holistic complementary centre based in Forest Hill, London, SE23. However, it took a road less travelled and many hours of hard work, determination and ‘following the flow’ to be where she is today.

Karen and her partner Devon Burke create a ‘MindBody experience’ for every person walking through their doors.

She will help you to kick-start your goals for the year, start your journal / vision board and you will be given tools to help you stay on track. See more information on the website. 

Karen is passionate about expanding people’s self awareness and power. Her strengths are inspiring, positive, implementer and multi-tasker. Her core values are integrity, honesty, loyalty and respect which tie into how their companies are run.

“We believe the mind is a powerful tool and that we use it to our own benefit or detriment. Your body speaks your mind, so we seek to promote balance and well being when we treat our clients. Along with physical therapy such as deep tissue massage, we provide a safe space to talk, without judgment or blame. This holistic method promotes mental, emotional, spiritual and physical healing. People are beginning to realise that it is not an alternative method but it complements traditional treatments to improve and maintain health.”

“I hope I can achieve this through all the people and businesses I work with by being supportive and encouraging. I would love people to feel like they too can say “I can do it, I can reach my goals, change my life and be empowered to be the best version of ME, that I can be.”

Well, she is certainly on the right path. Here are some of my very favourite, profound and even life changing articles that Karen has written for Enjoy and think about checking out MindBody Therapy Centre to celebrate National Spa Week… you definitely deserve it and there’s no better place to go to feel amazing! Because feeling beautiful is an inside and outside job! 

Love Yourself, Love Others

Simple isn’t it? Or it should be, as no matter what self help book; religion; race; colour or creed, this theme runs through all of them and commands us to do this to create a better world for everyone. Then why is it so hard sometimes?!

Ripple in the Lake effect

What YOU do matters…

Everything you do or don’t do, will affect those you know or don’t know. To what extent can depend upon the gravity of your action or indeed the levity with which the affected, takes your action.

YOU… are entitled.

Before we go to far forward in the new year, let us stop for a minute or three, to pat ourselves on the back for where we are right now, this minute. Go on, literally pat yourself on the back (over the shoulder is best route!). Whether it is where we want to be exactly or what we had imagined, the fact is we are here. So… acknowledge all you have learnt, all your skills, your capabilities and choices.

Yes, choices we have made and thoughts we have had, to bring us here. Pat yourself on the back and say “Well Done You, You made it this far, I am Grateful”, then breathe and feel that moment of acceptance and contentment.


Me, My Time and I

I used to write almost every day, then I ‘bumped’ into my husband and our worlds collided into unexpected explosions of joy, happiness, challenges, facing my own mirror, questioning my faith, my relationship ability, how I brought up my daughter, my status within my ‘career’ and all the time wondering ‘how did I get here?!’


Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

If you have a family, like most, you know that it’s not always plain sailing or total love, each and every day, all of the time. However if you’re blessed with a family who can talk it through and still stay together through thick and thin, then treasure it. As there are also many others who cannot stand to be in the same room, don’t know how to re-open that communication channel or have chopped off whole parts of their relatives or children’s relatives just because of X (maybe X, X and X or maybe you’ve all forgotten why!).

So WHY can’t we all just get along? Do you get along with everyone in your family? Is there anyone you’re not talking to or have a secret grievance with? Is there anyone you feel you need to improve your relationship with?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading Karen as much as I have. Her words are witty, profound, kind and healing. Take a moment to take care of you and look into going to see Karen at  the MindBody Therapy Centre where you can enjoy body treatments such as:

  • Sauna

  • Massage

  • Beauty and Skin Care

  • Reflexology

  • Myofascial Massage

  • Acupuncture

  • Fit Classes

  • Nutrition and Personal Training

Hey! It’s SPA WEEK people! If there was ever a time you deserved to pamper yourself a bit… this is the week! Let me know what you think of Karen’s articles – hit me up on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram  Let’s TALK about it!