Staycation At The Crowne Plaza

Crowne Plaza Angie Greaves

Last week, my babies told me that I was taking things too seriously, I was making mountains out of molehills and suggested that I took a break!

Not quite knowing where to fly to because of having to quarantine for 14 days once I got home Kammie decided on a Staycation. She packed my bags and sent me off to the Crowne Plaza where I just relaxed with a capital R.

Left work on Friday evening, got to the hotel and just flopped on the bed and went to sleep. And boy did I sleep.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sad news that Chadwick Boseman had passed away and to be honest this made me relax even more. Stress is the silent killer and I don’t wanna stress myself out. 

Went into Beaconsfield and drove around Buckinghamshire on Saturday but Sunday was the day I really looked around the hotel at all the services it has to offer.

The grounds at the Crowne Plaza are spacious, and green which immediately puts you into relaxation mode.

I love water, I love the sound of trickling water and I love the sound of rivers, so the welcome Fountain at the front of the hotel just had me hooked straight away.

I had a spacious room with King Size bed, TV etc, the usual complimentary hot drinks and bathroom/shower room with soft lights.

The gym was modest in size but had everything you needed for a cardio workout together with resistance equipment.
I fasted on Friday evening through to Saturday evening and hit the juice bar on Sunday before indulging in a complete two-course meal.

Took a trip round to the pool but didn’t get in (I’m still nervous about COVID and I’m not ashamed to admit it) I really wanted to get under this Fountain but just enjoyed watching other people who weren’t as nervous as me taking in the beautiful warm water
Hit the bar, watched Fernando shaking his cocktail and then ordered a Prosecco, went back to my room and had a beautiful nights sleep.  I didn’t realise how much I needed this break.

The Crowne Plaza, Gerard‘s Cross is operating a 2m social distancing role, there are hand sanitiser stations in the reception, at the restaurant, the juice bar, washrooms and changing rooms.