Angie’s Summer Reading List

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Summer Reads and Books for the Beach Bag…

The sun is currently shining with a vengeance in the UK and a holiday is probably on your mind.  Loving the warm weather and to complete the scenario, being next to a pool or on a beach lounger with a book is just the ticket.  I get so engrossed in books I’ve missed train stops, the only other place that catches me like that is abroad when I’m completely 100% relaxed, no morning alarms, no time schedules, no meetings, just relaxation mind, body and spirit from the moment I wake up till the moment I lay my head down.

Taking a Kindle on holiday is so much easier than 5 or 6 books, so here’s my suggestion of books to upload or multiple Books for the Beach Bag:


Why Mummy DrinksChickLit/MummyLit – Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Sims

Don’t skip this passage, come on, we’ve all at least once in our motherly lives reached the end of the day wondering how we’re gonna calm ourselves down having heard the word “mummy” just once too much!!!  That word said too often can sound like a fog horn coming out of the mouth of the sweetest 2 year old – yes??  And boy does a glass of rose do the trick!  Why Mummy Drinks has a  comedic slant on why a glass of wine is the rescue remedy for some mums.  (I am aware that some women actually suffer with post natal depression and mental health issues after a baby, so am using discretion here, and would also remind all reading to drink responsibly).


Loving The Brothers by Pamela Haynes

In short, 3 sistahs marry 3 brothers and are hiding behind what they don’t want their friends to see.  We’ve all been there, relationships and marriages take work – hard work – and we create the “skill” of pretending in public because we don’t want people to see what’s really happening in private.  These 3 women plot to leave their abusive marriages but things get complicated.

How To Conduct Media Interviews – by Evadney Campbell MBE

Anyone who has a mobile phone is engaging in some form of media, and at some point whether your blogs attract the attention of a make up or clothing brand, or perhaps you’ve found that Tweet that wasn’t too complimentary has been spotted by the victim you tweeted about, you may find yourself faced with needing to conduct an interview.  The last thing you want to do is go in front of a camera or mic with a well polished journalist and be ill prepared for the questions with the world watching your body language and giving the game away.  BBC Journalist and Broadcaster Evadney Campbell MBE gives step by step guides as to how to conduct yourself in a media interview scenario.  She has over 30 years experience in Journalism and Broadcasting – I think she may have some good tips here.
Evadney Campbell

7 Deadly Dates by Jean-Paul Noel Cephise

Online Dating and Online Apps have over taken meeting up for a drink and getting to know someone on that first date – in fact the App and meeting online IS the first.  Divorcee Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, took to online dating and was pleasantly – and unpleasantly – surprised at the takers who chose to meet him after giving the Tick and Swiping Right on his Tinder profile.  Online dating is growing amongst Luminaries (people between 35 and 55), and from Jean-Paul’s book the behaviour patterns aren’t that much different to Millennials!!!  Check out our Facebook Live here, we’ll be doing another one very soon due to popular demand.

Guy Stagg

The Crossway – by Guy Stagg

You may have noticed that I’m very passionate about mental health issues and they affect they have.  I absolutely love motherhood but Mr Gee and I had very different outlooks on bringing up children and the differences completely rocked my world, I’ve had to deal with a elder sister who has learning difficulties so I don’t actually have an “older” sister,  and after Morggan, my eldest daughter, experienced a colleague commit suicide due to the stress of University I told her not to go – coupled with the fact that she really didn’t know what she wanted to do.  Enter Guy Stagg …….. guy was at Uni and didn’t realise the stress he was under and took to drinking at least a bottle of gin a day, but when you’re young and have no life experience why would you think that there’s anything wrong in doing that.  One day he just decided to get up and walk from Canterbury to Jerusalem.   It took him 10 months, he met numerous people and experienced kindness he had never known, and his mental health issues didn’t disappear but they did decrease.   I met Guy when I was depping on BBC Radio 2 and he was quite a character.

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