Creating Memories this Season


christmas-table-1909796_640This season is a time for peace, reflection, goodwill and love. It is also a time of people going into debt, food and drink going to waste, relationships breaking up, people feeling extra lonely and family arguments.  Some families come together out of tradition who may not even be friends and have way too much time on their hands with time off work, that feelings can tend to fester, then boil over and everyone starts nitpicking on ‘nonsense’ stuff that leads to ‘nonsense’ stress!

In our therapy centre we do tend to stay open in the run up to Christmas and in between Christmas and New Year and some people’s stress is at an all time high, the pressure is immense.

So why is there so much pressure at this time of year? Along with daily pressures, we have extra thoughts buzzing around…Who invites who? Who holds it this year? What do you buy? Do you buy anything at all? Is it enough? I have to get to the shops… and so on and so on.

What happened to the ‘everyone gets a bit of money (plus chocolates, always chocolates!), then we eat dinner whilst listening to the Queen, then we pool with any money going to the Blue Cross sale at Debenhams! That’s exactly what we used to do sometimes, especially our Mum, with her money from Dad, trawling into Croydon Shopping Centre the day after Boxing Day just as the shop opened! Memories…

That’s exactly as it should be… creating memories. It really doesn’t matter if all the china matches or if everyone has the perfect seat or if something burns… it’s more about creating memories with those you love, like or get along with. So, create beautiful ones, ones full of love and laughter, even with the odd argument in there. Don’t sweat the small stuff, the ‘nonsense’ stuff, the stuff that really doesn’t matter and soak in the celebration, pause even amidst it all and say “Thank You”, even if you have the peace of being with yourself. Enjoy any gifting that you do, give because you want to, not because you have to. Respect the family and what it brings to you and your children, who else should have your back in times of crisis? Respect to the parents who are there for your children, there to listen, care, dig them out of the hole, again, to help them stand on their own two feet and realise ‘real life’ comes with joy, pain and many feelings in between. A big acknowledgement to those who are there for others and go out of their way over the season to cook, drop in, help out or visit others in more need than them.

So, keep it all in perspective, have fun and make the most of the season, creating those beautiful memories…

R.I.P. Mummy 10 years this Boxing Day 26.12.2006 leaving a blessed family as She was always There for US. Her legacy lingers on.