Iyanla Vanzant in London – FABULOUS


Iyanla Vanzant is probably one of the most spiritual, modern, straight talking, non-judgmental speakers that I’ve ever come across.

iyanla vanzant


She is also an awesome teacher and author and when you read her work you can almost hear her speak directly to you. That voice, when required, can be loud and direct. But then just when you are at the point of breakthrough, the voice can be soft, warm and embracing – which is probably just what you need.

Teaching life lessons from places of pain, adversity, and rejection, she gives you the assurance that you have the answer deep down within yourself to overcome any experience that is happening in your life. This is a lesson worth experiencing.  The knowledge you acquire is priceless.  So regardless of how deep in the valley you are, the only way out when you’re down is up. As you move up and move on to your next challenge in life, there will be a lesson to be learned.

Iyanla’s books have touched countless lives worldwide, she has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show and now has her own TV show on the OWN network.

It is no secret that her book “Acts of Faith” changed my life. It started a literary revolution in UK. To be in her presence again after starting this 23 year journey, to stand face to face with this lady, is no more than  a miracle!!

A press interview on Friday morning followed by dinner with her on Friday evening was awesome enough, but being in the presence of so many people on Saturday at her evening London talk left me feeling amazing.  I was like a balloon filled with air just getting ready to rise once I left the venue.

If you were there you know the EXACT feeling that I am attempting to describe.

From her entrance message via the song “It’s My Time” by Kelly Price, to her own delivery entitled “I’m Just Saying” the connection and feeling of “I get it” moved like a wave through the auditorium.

  • You know in your heart that friendship that is unhealthy

  • You know that love relationship is draining you left, right and centre and is unbalancing you … and it’s time for boo boo to leave!

  • You know that financially you can’t truly afford that handbag

  •  BUT you ignore that small voice

  • You ignore that feeling in the pit of your stomach which silently whispers “don’t” and when the true consequences as a result of the build up of those feelings raise their ugly head you want God’s help – “I’m Just Saying”

After a 90 minute talk the auditorium “heard” what Iyanla was “Just Saying” and it was AWESOME

Angie Greaves and Ms DynamiteI bumped into Miss Dynamite who was soaking in the atmosphere and was on fire about her next project.

I always say that God plays a worldwide game of chess (and you know that Morggan and Kamarane always laugh at me when I say that),  and I was surely in the checkmate position on Saturday evening, rooted to the floor again, unable to move, just soaking it in “I’m Just Saying”.

Iyanla’s current book “Forgiveness: 21 Days to Forgive Everyone for Everything” is available now together with a digital download so that you can experience her voice, in all its sounds, feelings and vibrations.  I will have copies – signed copies – to give away very soon.

There were many statements that jumped out at me on Saturday evening but the following (for me) was the loudest…

“You cannot un-see what you have seen. You cannot un-hear what you have heard. You cannot un-love what and who you have loved. But you can control any negative experience from most things that could affect your future”

Have a blessed day my friend and as always…

Stay Fabulous

Angie x