The Lion King 2019 – fab or flop?

Got myself a container of chopped fruit, a few almonds, a bottle of carbonated water and I was ready. 

I’ll tell you all about my take on The Lion King but not before sharing a little bit of my fangirling about the amazing royalty at the European Premiere…

Which of course I have to add here because OMG – how much do we love it when people we adore meet? Queen B and hubby Jay Z were in London for the European Premiere alongside other Royalty.

Okay back to the review…

Maybe I’m still in my feelings with the animation which is one of my favourite DVDs, and I still get goosebumps when I think of the theatrical production and need to hold back the tears when Rafiki tells Simba “it is time” and he takes that slow walk to the top of Pride Rock, unfortunately I’m still waiting for those feelings in the live action movie. 

Others have agreed with me…

I can’t deny that the scenes, the colours, and the cinematography is absolutely breathtaking and there were times it felt like a wildlife documentary, and I was expecting to hear David Attenborough start narrating.  Beautiful film but something was lacking for me.  

And the soundtrack still has the essence of Tim Rice and Elton John with Pharrell Williams on production.  Go see the film and judge for yourself. Let’s talk about it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram